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Dear Me by B. Lee refers to my journey and/or awakening. It’s the period in time when my physical and human thoughts aligned to meet my spiritual self. If you are reading this content, I’m sure you know that becoming acquainted with oneself is complex. Many truths are revealed and must be accepted to proceed in one’s journey.
Nevertheless, the experience is beautiful enlightenment. I cannot express how amazing it feels to go from being timid and confused to someone with confidence, gratitude, love, and grace. This newfound liberation has been an intentional and necessary transition to learning to experience life rather than living.

I must acknowledge that Tarot and its quality of guidance and healing have been a significant player in my life. When I decided to fight for my life against depression and anxiety was the exact moment, I decided to explore Tarot.

Photo by Alena Yanovich on
Photo by Alena Yanovich on

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Peace & Blessings!

Tarot has been known for many things, including religious practices, table games, and dark magic. However, I believe that Tarot is a tool, a material object that is only as powerful as the operator. For example, we know the weight of a plane or even a train is forceful enough to destroy and kill. Yet, if operated properly, they will carry out the intended tasks.

I am a faithful believer in God. Tarot serves as a resource of clarity and supplementary guidance in my journey as I grow and become more aware.

Next to Tarot writing has always been a passion of mine, journaling or constructing poetry is a form of therapeutic self-expression. Poetry gives my thoughts a voice, recognition, and acknowledgment. It’s my self-healing remedy without limits but an opportunity to experience beyond the physical. To learn more, click the poetic thoughts button above.

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