Dear ME by: BlkEmpress

May the information and content shared on this page provide you with mental, physical, spiritual & good well-being as it has served me to learn and incorporate into my daily life. Blessingsā€¦

In my healing journey, I find that speaking positive phrases and words over myself, my life, my family, and everything I touch and do eases anxious thoughts and allows me to process things with clear intentions of purpose.

Daily Positive Affirmations= changing the mindset = changing thinking pattern

Every step, no matter how small, leads you one step closer to the goal line.

Mental healing is a personal commitment to self and, more importantly, a choice. Learning to form intentional and positive healthy habits like speaking or writing positive affirmations can substantially aid the process.

Positive Affirmations May include:

  • I replace stress and worry with confidence in my ability.
  • I am strong.
  • I am beautiful.
  • I am one with God.
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