thoughts in the mirror

I wish she…

I wish she would stop looking at me

Talking to me

I can’t stand her voice

the girl in the mirror

reflection or whatever her name is 

she keeps following me

she talks about crazy things 

you here her

She said Death is inevitable.

It is an experience no human nor living thing can escape.

It is a casualty of life that is infinite without warning.

One may get to choose how he or she will live and experience life; however, Death does not offer that same reward. 

One may choose what to leave behind after Death or how to leave it to leave behind. One may choose their funeral setting, their casket, or possibly cremation. 

Yet, one cannot choose the day, time, location, or how Death will happen. 

It does not discriminate.

I need her to stop…

Death does not offer a trade. 

It does not consider one’s status, accomplishments, or defeats.

Death is a force that presents itself regardless of preparation. 

Finally, she’s quiet; now, I may sit in peace and think.

my thoughts blur

my life thus far tramples through mind

what I’ve done, seen, and the impression I have made on the world 

If Death arrives today

even at this moment, have I lived the way I wanted? 

Original piece by: B Lee

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